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What is the Right Age For a Facelift?

The time to have a facelift is not necessarily all about age. People have facelifts for various reasons, so it isn’t easy to pinpoint the perfect age to have the procedure, but we can talk about the average age and reasons patients seek out a facelift.

Your age does have some significance when you are deciding when to have a facelift. The time most patients begin considering a facelift is when they are around 45+ years old. Sufficient skin elasticity is imperative to have the best results from a facelift, so it is typically ideal to undergo the procedure in your 40s and 50s. However, if you are in your 60s, 70s, or older and are fit and in good health, it is most certainly not too late.

Since facelifts last from seven to 10 years, we advise our patients to have their first facelifts while they are in their 40s or early 50s. Then, you can have a refresher facelift when you reach your mid-60s. If you have never had a facelift and are curious as to whether it’s the right option for you, you should seek the advice of a medical professional, like Dr. Zuliani. Though each case is unique, you’ll find the general recommendations for facelift patients by age below.

35 and Over

Not many people need a facelift when they are in their 30s, but there are several individuals whose skin may need early rejuvenation intervention. Whether your skin has been severely impacted by sun damage, smoking, or genetics, an early facelift may be worth consideration. However, unless your case is extremely severe, Dr. Zuliani will likely recommend a less intensive facelift substitute:

Mini Facelift

The mini facelift offers a less invasive option than the traditional facelift. Recovery and procedure are both much quicker. Though the results are just as stunning, they are less noticeable, meaning this option is most viable for younger women.

Liquid Facelift

Facial fillers, also called the liquid facelift, are a great option for any patients seeking skin rejuvenation. With no downtime, these fillers are designed to provide natural results that combat wrinkles and skin folds by adding volume to the face. The liquid facelift is a great replacement option for patients with mild aging and good elasticity. Dr. Zuliani may encourage younger patients to consider this option before jumping into the full facelift.

40 and Over

Your 40s are ideally the best time to have a facelift because the results last the longest. For most patients, the effects of aging are just starting to become prevalent, and the skin elasticity is still high, so recovery will be smooth. At this stage, a full traditional facelift is encouraged. Additionally, Dr. Zuliani may recommend pairing the facelift with another procedure for a more complete transformation:

Chin Implant

Facial implants may be a great option for you to help create a more desirable face shape. Whether the results of aging or genetics, many patients find themselves wishing for more definition in their chin and jawline. An implant will give you that definition all while creating youthful contours. This procedure pairs wonderfully with a facelift to totally transform your appearance and may help to give optimal results.

50 and Over

Once you’ve reached your 50s, a traditional facelift is most likely the best remedy to aging with grace. Depending on how you take care of your body, your skin may not have a lot of elasticity, or significant sun damage, making it harder for your face to remain taught. Surgical intervention can help, and a combination of surgeries is encouraged for outstanding results. Depending on the case, Dr. Zuliani usually recommends the following:

Deep Laser

Your specialized Dr. Z Total Laser Resurfacing treatment will be specifically tailored to fit your unique skin type, concerns, and goals.  Dr. Z Total Resurfacing treatments at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics can reverse the signs of aging in older women and men.  Dr. Zuliani utilizes a powerful and personalized ablative laser peel to counteract years of damage to your skin’s surface. You can finally combat those hard-to-manage wrinkles, sunspots, pores, and scars at the very deepest levels with Dr. Z Total Laser Resurfacing.

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