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Photorejuvenation BBL


  • Reinvigorates your skin safely and effectively
  • Affects genes at the molecular level
  • Can treat most areas of the body and most skin types with minimal downtime

Liven Up Your Skin with BroadBand Light™

Truly beautiful skin is smooth, soft, and luminous. However, as you age, maintaining that healthy glow can become a challenge. Fortunately, you can fight the signs of aging and regain youthful skin with photorejuvenation treatments.

Photorejuvenation BBL treatments at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics can provide you with silky, supple, and younger-looking skin. Customizable treatments are quick and easy as pulses of light penetrate both the upper and lower layers of the skin, stimulating certain genes associated with aging and longevity at the molecular level.

Who might benefit from Photorejuvenation BBL™ treatments?

Dr. Zuliani recommends photorejuvenation BBL for women and men of all skin types. An individualized photorejuvenation BBL treatment can address a variety of common skin complaints, including:

  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Redness
  • Small blood vessels
  • Skin laxity
  • Uneven texture
  • Active acne

Your photorejuvenation BBL treatment with Dr. Zuliani’s laser technician will be personalized, based on your unique skin type, needs, and goals.

How is a Photorejuvenation BBL treatment performed?

Photorejuvenation Young BBL treatments will be performed in-office at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics. Prior to treatment, protective eyewear is supplied for laser treatments, and an optional anesthetic cream can be applied to ensure comfort.

During treatment, the laser technician will hold the handheld device over the target areas as it emits healing bursts of light into your skin. Most patients feel little discomfort, and treatments typically last about 30 minutes.

What can be expected after a Photorejuvenation BBL treatment?

Immediately following your gentle photorejuvenation BBL session, you will be able to apply makeup and return to your daily activities. Your skin may show some redness and inflammation for a few hours afterward.

In 2-5 days, you will start to notice subtle changes in the treated areas, and unwanted pigment will darken before the skin sloughs off completely. In 2-3 weeks, the final results will be visible, and you’ll see younger, more vibrant skin. Dr. Zuliani usually recommends a series of treatments to maximize your improvement.

Let's Discuss Your Goals

Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. His artistic eye, attention to detail, and individualized care allow him to achieve remarkable results that solve a person's concerns while preserving his or her unique identity. We would love to discuss your goals and begin working toward a more beautiful, refined, and confident you. Please give our office a call at 248.322.3362 (248.FACE.DOC) or click the button below to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zuliani at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics in Bloomfield Hills.