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Dr. Zuliani is known far and wide for the most refined, subtle, and artistic facial transformations for men and women of every age, lifestyle, and culture. He designs each surgery for that patient only–offering an individualized approach in perfect harmony with the features and unique structure of the patient’s face.

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Dr. Zuliani is known far and wide for the most refined, subtle, and artistic facial transformations for men and women of every age, lifestyle, and culture. He designs each surgery for that patient only–offering an individualized approach in perfect harmony with the features and unique structure of the patient’s face.

Treatable Conditions

Not sure what procedure you need?

Our list of treatable conditions will help you sort through problem areas and goals you have, and direct you to one of more of our solutions. Otherwise, feel free to browse our surgical procedures below.



Eyelid surgery can be performed to correct aging of the upper eyelids, under-eye area, or both. This popular facial plastic surgery procedure is often combined with complementary surgeries such as laser resurfacing, a facelift and neck lift, or brow lifting to complete the facial rejuvenation.


Gravity can be one of our worst enemies as we get older–as is skin laxity which occurs after years of sun exposure. The effect of these two constant forces causes the skin to droop and sag overtime, often resulting in an aged look that does not accurately reflect one’s inner vitality. Patients often complain of others constantly asking them if they are tired or angry, despite the contrary. Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani performs the brow lift, or forehead lift, procedure to help men and women achieve a youthful and lively appearance that better suits who they truly are.


Most people tend to grow out of the baby face or chubby cheeks they had as a child. However, for some, prominently full cheeks are genetic and can last into adulthood. A full and puffy face can mask the natural angles of the upper cheekbones and surrounding areas. Buccal fat removal counteracts this by slimming and enhancing your facial contours.

Your buccal fat removal treatment with Dr. Zuliani will be personalized, based on your unique facial structures. He will determine precisely how much fat needs to be removed to best highlight your facial angles. This procedure will improve the aesthetic contour of your face and give you the appearance of high cheekbones.


There’s no greater indicator of youth than dimples. Those little indentations in your cheeks that only show up when you smile are an endearing genetic trait than subtly enhances and brightens your entire face.

For those lucky enough to have them, dimples are considered a sign of youthfulness and beauty. Unfortunately, most people born with natural facial dimples tend to lose them as the body changes during the aging process. A dimpleplasty procedure can easily restore those adorable marks or give you the ones you’ve always wanted.


With time, the face goes through dramatic changes. Loose, sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and facial folds are all normal effects of aging, but they can often make a person look much older than he or she actually feels physically and/or mentally. Facelift and neck lift surgery are designed to address these effects of aging, helping to restore a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who focuses solely on enhancing the appearance of and addressing common issues associated with the face. His goal with the facelift and neck lift is to restore a man or woman’s youth without completely changing his or her appearance–as though the hands of time have simply been set back five to ten years.


Whether due to age or genetics, an imbalance in the size or shape of the chin and/or cheeks can affect a person’s whole facial appearance. Dr. Zuliani recommends facial implants to help create a more harmonious and well-balanced appearance of the face. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Zuliani uses his expertise and artistic background to sculpt a beautifully natural outcome


Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who understands the difficulties many men and women face with stubborn facial fat. Age, genetics, and other factors can make it nearly impossible to address problems such as a double chin or overly full cheeks despite efforts to eat healthy and exercise regularly. He offers men and women a solution to stubborn facial fat by performing personalized facial liposuction procedures to remove the unwanted fat.


It’s hard to think of losing fat as a bad thing, but as a person gets older and essential fat and volume are lost from the face, it can result in an aged or gaunt appearance. Fat grafting helps to restore volume and create a fuller, more youthful contouring of the face. Dr. Zuliani’s Midwest patients love this natural approach to resolving a loss of facial volume.


Surgery of the nose is not always performed for cosmetic benefits. In many cases, nasal surgery is needed to help correct defects and medical conditions associated with the internal structures of the nose. Dr. Zuliani perfoms functional nasal surgery to help patients live more comfortably with a properly functioning nose and sinuses.


Full, luscious lips are a commodity that some will do anything to get. Unfortunately, not all lip augmentation procedures turn out as planned. Complications can arise from silicone injections, causing the need for a follow-up procedure to correct or remove the implanted material.

Dr. Zuliani is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon whose singular focus is facial aesthetics. His goal with lip reduction surgery is to bring the lips back into proper balance so they complement the rest of the face.


Wrinkles and sagging of the cheeks or jowls can dramatically age a person’s facial appearance. These common signs of aging can occur as early as your thirties and are not always so responsive to non-surgical treatments. Women and men struggling with early facial aging often come to Dr. Zuliani wondering what their best options are for restoring their youthful appearance – they are not yet ready to undergo a full facelift, and their busy lifestyle will not allow for a lengthy recovery period. For many of these patients, Dr. Zuliani recommends a mini facelift.


Skin cancer continues to be a very common issue despite an increased awareness of the damaging effects of the sun and tanning beds. The days of sun exposure add up over time–especially on those Michigan lakeside summer days–and could lead to issues with basal and squamous cell cancer. Luckily, skin cancer is very treatable with prompt diagnosis. After having a skin cancer removed, MOHS reconstruction can help to renew the skin’s natural appearance.


Ears that protrude outward rather than lying flat against the sides of the head can often lead to bullying/teasing and emotional issues such as low self-esteem. Dr. Zuliani believes ear pinning surgery (otoplasty) can be a very rewarding procedure for both children and adults as the benefits are not only visual, but psychological as well.


As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani specializes in revision rhinoplasty and complex reconstructive nasal procedures. He has the necessary expertise and knowledge that is critical when performing a procedure as complex as revision rhinoplasty. A number of men and women from around the country have come to Dr. Zuliani seeking help in correcting a previous nose surgery they have undergone. He takes the time to work with his patients in a way that helps him to best understand their specific goals. He then creates an individualized treatment plan designed to provide them with a nose that complements the rest of their face.


As a specialist in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Zuliani has helped men and women throughout the world achieve beautifully personalized, natural-looking outcomes. His artistic eye and understanding of the subtle differences in each unique face allow him to craft results that are as exclusive to the patient as his or her own identity and ethnicity. Whether the concern is in its size, shape, or overall configuration, Dr. Zuliani helps to achieve a nose that complements the face as a whole and that renews self-confidence.


The septum of your nose is that bridge of skin, cartilage, and tissue that divides your nostrils. A deviated septum refers to an imbalance of the septum being moved toward one side of the nose. Dr. Zuliani can correct a deviated septum by performing a septoplasty procedure.


The face holds many clues to who we are­ – our race, age, and gender. Both the male and female sexes have their own unique facial traits that naturally give off either a more masculine or a more feminine appearance. While facial surgery only makes up part of a patient’s transition, it’s an extremely important aspect that can ultimately impact how gender is identified.

Dr. Zuliani’s unique knowledge of facial aesthetics and how they relate to gender can help you during this transition. For facial feminization, certain masculine markers are removed to soften the face. A reduction of the chin and nose, a smoothing of the cheeks, and changes to the eyes may be recommended. On the other hand, a more masculine look can be achieved with a more chiseled jawline and stronger facial structure. Dr. Zuliani will work closely with you and discuss your goals to develop a highly personalized plan for your surgery.


Lift, tighten, and tone your face for a younger, natural appearance – all in a fraction of the time of traditional facelift surgery. Dr. Zuliani’s exclusive treatment features an innovative approach for addressing the various signs of aging that commonly affect women between the ages of 35 and 65. This minimally invasive facelift alternative provides an immediate lifting of the midface region, as well as a slimming and tightening effect for the jaw line, submental area (beneath the chin), and neck. It’s called the Z Lightning Lift™.


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