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Revision Rhinoplasty


  • Corrects both functional and cosmetic results of a previous nasal surgery
  • Is a highly complex surgery requiring experience and expertise
  • Dr. Zuliani's talent in revision rhinoplasty is highly sought after. as nearly half of his rhinoplasty surgeries are revisions

Revision Nasal Surgery

Rhinoplasty is an extremely popular facial plastic surgery procedure and can help provide men and women with incredible benefits to their appearance, self-confidence, and overall lifestyle. However, there are times when someone’s rhinoplasty surgery may not quite achieve the desired outcome and might, instead, leave patients feeling unhappy with the result and/or unable to breathe properly.

“I had a rhinoplasty done ten years ago and was not satisfied with the results… But thanks to Dr. Zuliani now I am feeling much better, not only health wise, but appearance wise as well.” – Patient

As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani specializes in revision rhinoplasty and complex reconstructive nasal procedures. He has the necessary expertise and knowledge that is critical when performing a procedure as complex as revision rhinoplasty. A number of men and women from around the country have come to Dr. Zuliani seeking help in correcting a previous nose surgery they have undergone. He takes the time to work with his patients in a way that helps him to best understand their specific goals. He then creates an individualized treatment plan designed to provide them with a nose that complements the rest of their face.

Dr. Zuliani's focus on the individual is why patients trust him.

He pays careful attention to each patient, taking the necessary time to assess the situation and ask questions during the consultation. Dr. Zuliani does not come up with a standardized treatment plan on the spot. Instead, he considers the best approach in each special situation, studies photos of the patient, designs a personalized plan, and only thenpresents his recommendations.

"I don’t rush patients. I understand this is a big decision and that they need time to decide." - Dr. Zuliani

Dr. Zuliani also has a keen understanding of the differences among patients of different cultural backgrounds. He knows how to treat the face in a way that complements a patient's individuality rather than changing it. His goal is to provide each of his patients with results that are in tune with his or her unique lifestyle, culture, and identity.

Who might benefit from revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is intended for men and women who are unhappy with a previous nose surgery. Dr. Zuliani will meet with each patient and carefully analyze his or her nose to determine if a revision surgery can help achieve the desired goal, and, most importantly, if it is safe to perform. In some cases, the nose may no longer be strong enough for an additional surgery.

Dr. Zuliani will make sure to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have during your consultation. If a revision rhinoplasty is not right for you, he may recommend alternatives such as a non-surgical nose job.

How is a revision rhinoplasty performed?

Revision rhinoplasty is an extremely complex procedure and requires extensive knowledge of the nasal structure to perform correctly. Because the nose is no longer untouched, the revision surgery can be more difficult than the initial rhinoplasty. It is important that you only consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon for this and any other surgical procedure. Dr. Zuliani’s main concerns are your safety and providing you with natural-looking results you will be proud of.

If possible, Dr. Zuliani may be able to use the same incision location as your previous nose surgery in order to minimize any additional post-surgical scarring and maintain a very natural appearance.

This revision nose surgery may take a bit longer to perform than an initial rhinoplasty procedure and may be performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Zuliani performs all facial plastic surgery procedures at an accredited hospital or surgery center conveniently located near Zuliani Facial Aesthetics in Bloomfield Hills. Once your surgery is complete, Dr. Zuliani will apply the needed dressings and splint to assist with the initial healing process. You should be able to return home shortly after surgery under the care of a loved one.

What can be expected after revision rhinoplasty?

The recovery process following revision rhinoplasty will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Zuliani will outline the specific details of the revision rhinoplasty healing process and provide you with post-surgical care instructions. Most of the dressings will be removed at our Bloomfield Hills office about 5-6 days after your procedure.

The recovery process following revision rhinoplasty may be a bit lengthier than an initial rhinoplasty procedure. This is because the structures of the nose are not as strong as they had been during the first surgery.

You should notice most of the bruising and swelling fade by the end of the first week, but it will still be some time before you see the final outcome of your revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Zuliani will meet with you at his office several more times over the next year to ensure proper healing and check for progress.

As your nose continues to heal, you will begin to realize the beautiful effects of your surgery. Revision rhinoplasty is often a life-changing and very emotional procedure for many of Dr. Zuliani’s patients. With his care, knowledge, and expertise, Dr. Zuliani is able to provide his patients with a nose they can love again after the disappointment of a previous surgery.

Let's Discuss Your Goals

Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. His artistic eye, attention to detail, and individualized care allow him to achieve remarkable results that solve a person's concerns while preserving his or her unique identity. We would love to discuss your goals and begin working toward a more beautiful, refined, and confident you. Please give our office a call at 248.322.3362 (248.FACE.DOC) or click the button below to request a consultation with Dr. Zuliani at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics in Bloomfield Hills.