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Treatable Conditions

Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani offers his patients several surgical options to help address a wide range of concerns associated with the face. During your consultation with Dr. Zuliani, he will listen to your goals and expectations and analyze your current condition to determine the best approach to your personalized surgical treatment plan.

See below for a list of treatable conditions and available surgical solutions at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics.

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Unhappy with Nose Shape or Size

Many men and women are unhappy with the appearance of their nose. Common concerns include a feeling that the nose is too big/small, wide/narrow, or bumpy. The size of the bridge and nostrils or angle of the nose are also very common concerns for both men and women.


Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Unhappy with Previous Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty can help dramatically improve a person’s appearance, but when performed incorrectly, may cause a person to feel unhappy with the end result.


Revision Rhinoplasty

Loose, Sagging Skin

As you get older, your skin loses essential collagen and elastin, resulting in loose or sagging skin. This can affect several areas of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, jawline, neck, and the eyelids.


Facelift & Neck Lift Brow Lift Upper Eyelid Surgery

Facial Folds, Lines, or Wrinkles

Signs of aging, such as facial folds, lines, and wrinkles are extremely common and can appear anywhere on the face.


Facelift & Neck Lift Brow Lift Upper Eyelid Surgery

Droopy or Sagging Eyelids

The eyelids can begin to droop or sag as a result of the natural aging process. This can cause a person to appear much older or seemingly drowsy/upset.


Upper Eyelid Surgery

Puffiness Beneath Eyes

Puffiness can occur beneath the eyes as a result of excess tissue or fat.


Lower Eyelid Surgery

Obstructed Vision

Sagging of the upper eyelids can cause obstructed vision. This often occurs with age and can be corrected with surgery.


Eyelid Surgery

Obstructed Breathing

An obstructed airway or difficulty breathing can be corrected with surgery.


Functional Nasal Surgery


Deviated Septum

The nasal septum is the area of bone and cartilage that separates the nostrils. A deviated septum refers to a crooked or unbalanced septum that can lead to breathing difficulties or cosmetic concerns.



Loss of Facial Volume (Gaunt Appearance)

The face can lose essential volume with age, leading to a gaunt, hollow, or sunken appearance.


Fat Grafting Cheek Implants

Excess Facial Fat

Facial fat can become extremely stubborn and difficult to get rid of as a person gets older.


Facial Liposuction

Small or Receded Chin

A chin that smaller or recedes backward can cause other areas of the face to appear imbalanced. Many men and women are self-conscious about the appearance of a smaller or receded chin.


Chin Implants

Large or Protruding Ears

Large or protruding ears can cause other areas of the face to appear imbalanced and may lead to self esteem issues among children.


Ear Pinning Surgery

Long Upper Lip

Some men and women struggle with the appearance of a long upper lip. A lip lift could help to reshape and enhance the lip’s appearance.


Lip Lift

Chubby Cheeks

The face is often one of the more difficult areas to lose fat. Full or chubby cheeks may be the result of stubborn, resistant fat, age, or genetics.


Buccal Fat Removal

Lack of Dimples

Dimples are often associated with a youthful and energetic spirit, however, not everyone is born with them. Surgery can help to create a natural appearance of dimples.



Large Lips

A past lip enhancement with silicone may have resulted in an overdone or unnatural appearance. A lip reduction could help remove excess silicone or tissue to enhance the smile.


Lip Reduction