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Lip Lift


  • Gives the appearance of a fuller upper lip

Designed to reduce the amount of spacing between the base of the nose and upper lip. Decreasing the distance reveals a more youthful appearance and gives extra pout to a thin upper lip.

Who might benefit from a lip lift?

All ages may benefit based on their overall appearance.
Men and women (Mostly women), who have noticed that the upper lip has thinned and the distance between the nose and upper lip has lengthened.

How is a lip lift performed?

Performed in office.
Local anesthesia
Uses the “bullhorn” technique to elevate the lip and enhance the shape.
Inner sutures are dissolvable
Outer sutures are removed within a week of surgery

What can be expected after a lip lift?

Swelling of the upper lip is 3-5 days from surgical procedure
Thin suture line hidden at the base of the nose.
Return to normal activities 3-5 days from surgical procedure.

Why should I consider a lip lift?

Performed in the office.
Adds volume to upper lip without filler.
Once healed, provides a more youthful appearance.

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