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IV Therapy


  • Offers quick delivery of essential nutrients to the body
  • Provides relief from a variety of ailments

Get the Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs

IV therapy is a method of administering fluids into the body via the blood vessels, and it’s the fastest way possible to deliver essential nutrients to your body. IV therapy is an increasingly popular way to combat “sick season,” boost immune health and aid overall health and wellness any time of year.

Who might benefit from IV Therapy? 

The short answer…anyone! 

IV Therapy combats low immune health, low energy and fatigue, jet lag, hangovers, vitamin deficiencies, frequent migraines and headaches. IV Therapy works with athletes who need to replenish or those who work out daily. It also assists in healthier more glowing skin. IV Therapy is a treatment for anyone who wants to feel better overall. 

How is IV Therapy performed? 

An IV fluid drip involves a small tube called a catheter and a saline-based electrolyte solution that contains your selected vitamins and nutrients. An IV drip delivers these essential nutrients and fluids directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract. There’s no wait time, and the nutrition is instantly available to remedy your body’s health and wellness needs. In total, an IV drip takes around 30 to 45 minutes for a complete therapy session.

What can I expect after IV Therapy? 

You will start to feel the positive effects right away as the IV fluids replenish hydration, vitamin and mineral absorption and electrolytes. Most people leave feeling energized and refreshed and enjoy the benefits for some time after treatment.

Why should I consider IV Therapy? 

IV Therapy can support overall wellness goals big or small. This treatment is quick, easy and safe. The perfect add on to any other treatment here at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics. 

IV Therapy FAQs

How long does IV Therapy take?

Typically, an IV drip treatment can take 30-45 minutes to complete. The effects of IV therapy should be immediately noticed as your body absorbs the vitamins and minerals.

Can I receive IV Therapy while in the office for other treatments?

The simple answer is YES! IV therapy is an easy add on to many of the procedures we offer here at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics.

How often can I receive IV Therapy?

Patients can receive IV therapy sessions one - two times per week. If you are undergoing IV therapy for specific ailments, be sure to follow your doctor’s directions regarding treatment frequency.

Who should not consider IV Therapy?

Individuals who have a history of kidney disease or heart conditions may not be ideal candidates for IV therapy. Be sure to discuss your medical history in detail with our team before your IV therapy session to ensure safe results.

How much does IV Therapy cost?

The cost of IV therapy can vary depending on the IV mixture. Please contact Zuliani Facial Aesthetics today to learn more about options available and pricing.

Let’s Discuss Your Goals

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