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Brow Lift


  • Smoothen deep forehead furrows/lines
  • Raise the brow and forehead for a more youthful and lively appearance
  • Improve a tired or upset look caused by sagging skin around the eyes
  • Dr. Zuliani offers a less-invasive endoscopic brow lift that requires less downtime.

Rejuvenate and Awaken an Aging Brow

Gravity can be one of our worst enemies as we get older–as is skin laxity which occurs after years of sun exposure. The effect of these two constant forces causes the skin to droop and sag overtime, often resulting in an aged look that does not accurately reflect one’s inner vitality. Patients often complain of others constantly asking them if they are tired or angry, despite the contrary. Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani performs the brow lift, or forehead lift, procedure to help men and women achieve a youthful and lively appearance that better suits who they truly are.

“He did it, the endoscopic eyebrow lift, and the only thing I regret is that it took me so long to reach out to him. Dr. Zuliani did a marvelous job; my eyes turned out to be very beautiful and they look very natural—as if I had a good night’s sleep! I’m so grateful and feel so relieved! I finally don’t feel uncomfortable when I look into the mirror but am amazed!” – Patient

The brow and forehead lift helps to address drooping or sagging of the brow and forehead area. This is a very common concern for many men and women as they get older, and, in some cases, may even lead to some difficulties with bulging near the upper eyelids. The brow lift addresses a different part of the face than a facelift or eyelid surgery. Some of Dr. Zuliani’s patients may benefit from a combination of these facial plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Zuliani’s focus on the individual is why patients trust him.

He pays careful attention to each patient, taking the necessary time to assess the situation and ask questions during the consultation. Dr. Zuliani does not come up with a standardized treatment plan on the spot. Instead, he considers the best approach in each special situation, studies photos of the patient, designs a personalized plan, and only then presents his recommendations.

“I don’t rush patients. I understand this is a big decision and that they need time to decide.” – Dr. Zuliani

Dr. Zuliani also has a keen understanding of the differences among patients of different cultural backgrounds. He knows how to treat the face in a way that complements a patient’s individuality rather than changing it. His goal is to provide each of his patients with results that are in tune with his or her unique lifestyle, culture, and identity.

Brow Lift FAQs

Does brow lift change eye shape?

The technique Dr. Zuliani uses does not change eye shape.

How is a browlift done?

Dr. Zuliani performs an Endoscopic brow lift in the hospital using an endoscope which uses small incisions at or just behind the hairline. The advantage of this technique is smaller incisions and smaller, less visible scars.

Is a brow lift permanent?

No, you will continue to age but it does turn back the hands of time so to speak.

What is the recovery time for a brow lift?

7-14 days

Can a brow lift be done under local anesthesia?

In some cases, a temporal brow lift can be done under local anesthesia if there is minimal sagging, and the procedure can be done less invasively. General anesthesia is required for a full endoscopic brow lift and is typically recommended for a temporal brow lift as well.

Is eyebrow lift dangerous?

No! Eyebrow lifts are safe procedures.

Can Botox lift my eyebrows?

Yes, temporarily.

Who might benefit from a brow lift?

Dr. Zuliani recommends the brow lift to his patients in the Midwest who are experiencing drooping, sagging, or heaviness of their brow and forehead. Forehead furrows, lines, or wrinkles are also a common sign of aging that can be addressed with a brow lift.

When men and women see Dr. Zuliani about brow lift surgery, one of the most common worries is that their brow or forehead area is causing them to appear older, more tired, or even constantly mad/angry due to heaviness and drooping of the skin. A brow lift works to lift the skin, smooth away wrinkles, and create a younger, more energetic facial appearance.

While a brow lift does not address sagging of the eyelids or puffiness beneath the eyes, Dr. Zuliani often recommends combining this surgery with complementary procedures such as eyelid surgery, or non-surgical treatments like Botox® or Dysport®. Many patients also benefit from supplementing brow lift surgery with a face and neck lift to address loose or sagging skin in the mid-to-lower face.

How is a brow lift performed? What are the benefits of the endoscopic brow lift?

Dr. Zuliani will perform your brow lift surgery under general or local anesthesia with a mild anesthetic. In many cases, Dr. Zuliani uses the minimally invasive approach known as an endoscopic brow lift. This procedure requires just 3-5 small incisions behind the hairline where small telescopes are placed to elevate the brow. From here, Dr. Zuliani is able to reshape and lift the underlying tissue with minimal skin excision.

A traditional brow lift requires a longer incision and a bit more downtime. An endoscopic brow lift leaves patients with smaller incision lines that fade within their natural hairline. The endoscopic brow lift also allows for a speedier recovery to get patients back to their busy schedules. Dr. Zuliani will work closely with you to determine the best approach to your brow lift surgery.

Your brow lift procedure will be performed by Dr. Zuliani onsite at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics in Bloomfield Hills, or at a nearby accredited hospital or surgery center.

What can be expected after a brow lift?

Each brow lift patient will have a different recovery experience. Many of Dr. Zuliani’s brow lift patients notice most of the swelling and discoloration fade within the first week following their surgery. Surgical dressings–and in some cases, drains–will also be worn during this time to ensure proper healing of the skin.

As your brow continues to heal, you will notice the lifted and smoothed appearance of your forehead. The effect of the brow lift will often also improve the look of the area around your eyes. Dr. Zuliani’s patients often experience results that not only look more youthful, but also as though they are well-rested and ready for whatever life throws at them. The results of your brow lift are designed to be extremely long-lasting, though they will not fully stop the aging process. Some patients may choose to return to Dr. Zuliani years after their procedure as they begin to notice the signs of aging catch up to them.

Let’s Discuss Your Goals

Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. His artistic eye, attention to detail, and individualized care allow him to achieve remarkable results that solve a person’s concerns while preserving his or her unique identity. We would love to discuss your goals and begin working toward a more beautiful, refined, and confident you. Please give our office a call at 248.322.3362 (248.FACE.DOC) or click the button below to request a consultation with Dr. Zuliani at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics in Bloomfield Hills.