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COVID-19 Protocols

To ensure your safety, please take a moment to read through our protocols.

Updated March 1, 2023.

Our Responsibility

Zuliani Facial Aesthetics is committed to protecting our patients and staff from COVID-19

  • Implementation of “daily staff temperature and symptom screening/monitoring system” as well as a “zero tolerance to illness symptoms at work” policy
  • Doctor and all staff will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary.
  • Our strict cleaning protocols have broadened to ensure even more aggressive sterilization of both clinical as well as non-clinical areas of the office
  • Our daily operations have been modified to a contactless environment as much as possible

Safety Precautions

  • Touchless Hand Sanitizer Stations have been set up in the lobby and treatment rooms
  • We have fogged our suite with Thymox (an environmentally friendly Agent), which is on the EPA “N-list” as virucidal toward COVID-19
  • There are 2 UVC Photohydroiozization devices being placed in the HVAC system to aid in neutralizing any viruses, mold, or bacteria. These systems provide hospital-grade air throughout the entire building
  • UVC Room Sterilizers have been added to the lobby, exam, and treatment areas to help circulate the air and again aid in eliminating viruses, mold, bacteria, and other particulate matter
  • All surfaces in every room will be REGULARLY cleaned and disinfected with hospital grade virucidal cleaners

Patient Responsibility

These protocols will be required of all our patients with no exceptions.

  • Patients feeling ill with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 such as fever, cough, loss of smell etc. will not be allowed in the office
  • Patients are required to complete a wellness screening prior to arrival.
  • Face masks are optional.
  • Patients are required to fill out as much paperwork as possible prior to arrival to ensure minimal contact points
  • Patients are asked to remove gloves before entering into the office and sanitize hands prior to entering clinical rooms.


  • Fewer patients will be seen per day to allow social distancing
  • Longer appointment time slots to allow for specialized disinfecting between patients
  • Prior to your appointment, all patients will be contacted via text to conduct a wellness screening. A response is required to keep your appointment.
  • Patients scheduled for an in-office visit must come alone unless the patient is a minor in which case only ONE adult family member can accompany the patient


  • All consultations will be conducted virtually. This includes surgical, injectable, and Z MedSpa visits
  • Virtual consults are safe, comfortable, unrushed and allow communication without masks, PPE or any limits on accompanied guests


  • All Zuliani Facial Aesthetics Team Members will be tested as required in accordance with the most up to date CDC guidelines.