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Your Guide to Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a way of changing facial features to appear more feminine. It’s popular with people who have masculine features but want to appear more recognizably feminine. If you’re considering facial feminization surgery, then there can be a lot to learn, so you should make sure to partner with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who can help you understand your options. In the meantime, here’s what to know about facial feminization surgery and how it can help.

What Does Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) Include?

Facial feminization surgery entails reshaping and changing a variety of facial characteristics. Here are some of the most common areas of the face for which patients seek surgery.


Facial feminization surgery of the brow has the goal of reducing the brow’s prominence, a common masculine feature. During this process, your plastic surgeon will shave down the brow to create a softer, more feminine result.  Hairline alterations are also within the realm of FFS. This might include moving the hairline forward.


One of the most prominent features of a masculine face is the nose. Plastic surgeons can use rhinoplasty to contour the nose into a more feminine shape by reducing dorsal humps, width, and droop.  A more feminine, upturned nose can be achieved with the right rhinoplasty techniques.


Cheek augmentation isn’t always needed with FFS since hormones can sometimes cause the cheeks to fill out on their own. If not, cheek augmentation with fat transfer or fillers can achieve great results.

Preparing for Facial Feminization Surgery

Firstly, it’s important to make sure you’re a good candidate for facial feminization surgery. In many cases, this involves maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you’re using hormone replacement therapy, your plastic surgeon will recommend you stop taking your regular doses for two weeks before and after surgery. You’ll also need to communicate any other medications you regularly take, as your plastic surgeon may also recommend you stop taking them before your procedure.

Many facial feminization surgical procedures require the use of general anesthesia. Your plastic surgeon will provide additional information as the procedure date approaches. Follow your surgeon’s instructions exactly to achieve a safe and successful surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re interested in facial feminization surgical procedures, then a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best place to start. To learn more, schedule your appointment with Dr. Zuliani at Zuliani Facial Aesthetics in Bloomfield Hills, MI by calling or filling out our online form.