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How to Get Ready for an Upcoming Facelift

Facelifts are widely known cosmetic surgery procedures. They’ve been performed on patients interested in anti-aging benefits for many decades. If you have an upcoming facelift procedure, you should put time into planning well and making sure you know how to prepare for the treatment. Doing so can help you get on track to a procedure that’s safe, smooth, and convenient.

Before the Surgery

Six weeks

You should start preparing for your facelift roughly six weeks prior to your treatment. Smokers should refrain from smoking during this time in addition to during the 6 weeks of recovery. Smoking can negatively influence circulation and be detrimental to the healing process. It is also critical to drink water and ensure you are eating a healthy diet in the weeks prior to surgery.

Two weeks

Two weeks prior to your surgery, you should begin refraining from using medications like Asprin that will thin the blood. Your doctor may also request bloodwork or lab tests at this time, as the procedure is not appropriate for patients who have a compromised immune system.

At this time, you will also want to ask someone you trust to help you return home post-surgery. Patients aren’t permitted to drive on their own directly following facelifts.

One week

A week before your procedure, your doctor will usually have a final check-in with you to make sure you understand the procedure. This appointment might also be the time when you are given any antibiotic or pain relief medication information.

The Night Before

It is very important to get a good night’s sleep the night before your procedure. Your doctor will also give you instructions not to eat or drink anything in the time before your surgery. A specific time frame will be given depending on what time your surgery is scheduled. This is because anesthesia will be administered before the procedure.

After the Surgery

Take time to rest after your surgery. The longer you take it easy, the more quickly you will heal and the better your results will be.

Never be afraid to reach out to your doctor with any concerns you may have about symptoms, medication or follow-up appointments.

Dr. Zuliani

Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani focuses on each individual procedure with precision and creativity. He assesses each face with a trained eye and executes a surgical plan with careful consideration for the goals of his patient.

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