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Reasons to Use Medical-Grade Skincare

If you’re considering leveling up your skincare regimen, then you might have explored some medical-grade product lines. Although the price can put some people off medical-grade skincare products, there are many benefits to adding brands like Alastin Skincare, SkinCeuticals, or ZO Skin Health to your daily regimen.  Think about it as an investment in your skin.  Here’s what to know about medical-grade skincare and how it can help you achieve your most youthful and radiant skin yet.

Better Concentrations

One of the biggest reasons that people use medical-grade skincare is that you can find higher concentrations of active ingredients versus drugstore products. This is especially true for anti-aging ingredients like retinol, peptides, and antioxidants. These ingredients are incredibly effective at transforming your skin but can only be found in lower concentrations in non-medical-grade products. In higher doses, you can be sure that physician-grade products will work the way you want them to, producing real, noticeable results.

Better Quality

Medical-grade products come with a higher price because they’re much higher quality. This extends to every level – they typically have higher-quality, more purified ingredients that have a lesser chance of irritating your skin or causing a negative reaction. They also tend to produce results faster because they use better ingredients than their drugstore counterparts. This means you might spend more money up front with medical-grade products, but for the same results you’d need to purchase a drugstore product several times.  Medical-grade products are simply a better value over time – and you can feel comfortable knowing you’ll get the results you want.

Better Absorption

One of the pitfalls of drugstore skincare products is that, even if they have good ingredients, it’s difficult for your skin to absorb the benefits. Medical-grade skincare products are specifically developed with high-tech delivery systems that ensure the ingredients can pass through your skin’s barriers. This means you get the benefits you’re paying for!

Better Manufacturing

Medical-grade skincare lines take great pride in manufacturing their products in small batches and with only the most scientifically backed methods. In fact, many medical-grade skincare lines can only be obtained through plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and certified med spas to ensure high quality control. You can also rest assured that medical-grade  skincare doesn’t contain filler ingredients like drugstore lines use to keep costs low.

Better Customization

One of the biggest benefits to medical-grade skincare is that brands offer systems developed with specific skin concerns in mind. If you’re looking for the best way to address fine lines or pigmentation, for example, you can find a complete medical-grade skincare system developed and tested specifically for your concerns – with products that support and harmonize with each other. This can help you save a lot of time and effort trying to create the right regimen from drugstore products that don’t always go well together.

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