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Look Your Best With Our Minimally Invasive Facelift: the Z Lightning Lift™

In November we talked about the benefits of injectable fillers for your face and some of our preferred types, but at the end we mentioned some issues that just can’t be solved by fillers.  Drooping & sagging of the mid-face, poor jawline contours, and skin laxity need a different approach.  In the past that might mean a traditional surgical facelift, however, today Dr. Zuliani has created a minimally invasive facelift that’s achieving amazing results for women in their prime!

The Z Lightning Lift: Our Exclusive Minimally Invasive Facelift Alternative

Our exclusive minimally invasive facelift is the perfect way to lift, tighten, and tone your face to achieve a youthful appearance.  This procedure takes significantly less time than a traditional facelift.  The Z Lightning Lift addresses many of the prime concerns people have about their face as they age, including:

  • Drooping, sagging cheeks
  • Loss of firm skin / less elasticity of the skin
  • Loss of definition and tightness along the jawline
  • Loss of collagen

This treatment is completely customized based on your situation and goals.  Dr. Zuliani uses his years of experience and expertise to create lasting, natural results.

This treatment is a perfect option for women between 35 and 65 who are seeing the common signs of aging we described.  The Z Lightning Lift takes a fraction of the time of traditional facelift surgery, minimizing downtime and recovery making it entirely suitable for an active lifestyle.

Facelift for Drooping Cheeks

Miss those high cheekbones of your twenties?  Gravity is our enemy as we age, and it certainly takes a toll.  Dropping cheeks are an incredibly common complaint in both men and women as they entire their 40’s, yet many are scared of traditional facelifts- or, simply aren’t a good candidate yet.  That’s where Z Lightning lift comes in.  This procedure is a step above simple injections to rejuvenate and plump facial aesthetics, but is significantly less invasive and dramatic as a traditional facelift.  The Z Lightning Lift™ works to instantly lift the midface area, while maintaining a discreet and natural look. The effect is immediately noticeable, using carefully placed sutures to elevate the skin and reshape facial contours for a more youthful appearance.

Goodbye ‘Turkey Neck’ and Jowls

Stubborn fat and loose skin can cause the lower portion of the face to appear softer, or poorly-contoured. Sagging under the chin often gets combined with having a ‘double chin’, when in reality it’s just lax skin.  It is instantly aging to have jowls or lax neck skin, and these areas are easily treated with the Z Lightning Lift™. Our procedure uses a combination of minimally invasive facelift procedures coupled with cool helium plasma energy to slim and tighten the jaw line, submental area, and neck.

Stimulate Collagen Production in Your Face

Once we hit age 30, our body loses about one percent of its collagen supply each year. An additional – and very exciting – benefit of the Z Lightning Lift™ is its ability to kickstart your body’s natural regeneration of new collagen. Working from within the subcutaneous tissue, the sutures used for the lifting effect of your Z Lightning Lift™ also stimulate fibroblast activation and the production of new collagen. This makes for gradual improvements in your skin’s structure, and extremely long-lasting results.

Ready to look younger and fresher in an instant?  Contact us today to schedule a consultation!